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Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery

The standard, old fashion thyroid surgery is really unnecessary with the techniques and skill that Dr. Parikh has perfected. Why would you subject yourself to a three or four hour surgery, that requires an overnight stay in the hospital, when you could have a 35-45 minute procedure and be home two hours after surgery.

The incision is less than an inch, and is closed with glue that will peel off within a week….no stitches to remove!!

Conventional Thyroid Surgery
Post Operative Scar after 2 Weeks

Dr. Shatul Parikh’s Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery
Post Operative Scar After 2 Weeks

Our complication rate is extremely low.

Once it is determined that you indeed have a thyroid problem that warrants surgery, you will be scheduled for surgery. Dr. Parikh will perform an ultrasound on your pre-operative visit day (done the day before surgery) to further evaluate your thyroid gland. This will allow him to determine the size and location of your incision, which is usually one inch or less.
The day of surgery you arrive at our state of the art outpatient surgical center.

Surgery involves a 35-45 minute procedure that can be done under general anesthesia, or with conscious sedation (twilight surgery). The incision is 1 inch and the surgical procedure uses both endoscopic cameras and the ultrasound to identify your abnormal gland. Patients awake from their procedure with little to no pain and are observed for a short period of time before discharge.

With the high volume of thyroid surgery that Dr. Parikh performs, our center excels in good outcomes, safety, efficiency, and cost consciousness. Overall the cost of thyroidectomy at our center is approximately one-fifth of those seen at other centers that utilize unnecessary, outdated techniques.

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